Handcrafted Classic and Modern Cocktails

jan-2018-3We won’t bore you with some long dissertation. Instead, we’ll just say this: at Top of the Monk our philosophy is simple, centered around presenting you with the best quality cocktails, served by our knowledgeable and friendly staff in an atmosphere that is both sophisticated, yet relaxing. We take pride in serving the finest classic cocktails, and in continually honing and learning our craft in order to give you the best experience and drinks possible.

To that end, we use freshly squeezed juices and we create our own bitters, tinctures, infusions, drams, flavored syrups, and shrubs. We use appropriate ice, glassware and our mixers don’t come from soda guns.

We believe that it’s these little touches that combine with fine spirits and careful measuring to make a fine tipple, and we think that after you’ve had a drink here you’ll understand why we spend so much time on these details. Take a sip, sit back, and enjoy views of the mountains from our rooftop patio, find yourself a comfortable seat at the bar to watch our Mixologists at work, or seek out a quiet corner to simply enjoy every bit of your libation. Cheers!